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Goodbye and Hello

As i mentioned in my last post i've moved my blog to a new site so please come and visit me there!!!

Angie Lewin for Comic Relief

Now i'm sure this has been doing the rounds in the old 'bloggasphere' but i couldn't resist featuring it here as i'm such a big fan of Angie Lewin's work. Liberty has reworked one of Angie's prints, Winter Stem, and produced a canvas shopper being sold to raise funds for Comic Relief. They are a bargainous £12.99 and available from Liberty and TK Maxx. Note to lil' sis flying in to Sydney very soon, this would be a great 'hello nice to see you pressie'!

On another exciting note, i'm in the process of moving my blog. Something i've been thinking about for a while now. I was finally given the push i needed as this website has reached full capacity re: images (you can of course purchase more space) but it seemed like the time to do it, so apologies for any absences in the coming days, i'm hoping to be up and running in a day or two and will of course post a link to the new site. See you there!

Gorgeous storage {Zweed Design}

I have so many ideas swimming around my head right now i'm finding it hard to pin them down, ever have that? There are just so many little projects i want to start but being a bit of a perfectionist i have to finish the ones i've already begun first. I''m hoping next week i can begin to share them, that's if this bloomin' oil paint will dry, i think the humidity here is taking it's toll!
 But onwards and upwards, i discovered Zweed through the ever inspiring Living Etc blog, Life.Style.etc. a while back. I love the colours, the shapes and the fact that the designs are flexible ( you can move the boxes around for your own configuration). I love the mix of open shelving and closed cupboards, perfect for displaying your favourite objects but also hiding the everyday clutter and bumf we all have.


A coffee and a yarn

Phew, it really is hot here!!! Knitting probably isn't quite what i should be talking about in this heat but i paid a visit to A Coffee and a Yarn over the weekend in Sydney's Newtown area.
I didn't get my knitting out in the end as i was in need of more wool but it was nice to cool off with a ginger beer and a brownie, served on a vintage plate of course.
So more wool has been purchased and my throw is coming along nicely after a few false starts! Hopefully i can share it with you in the next week or so. In the meantime i have work and a few more up-cycling projects to divide my time between. Will keep you posted.

I love....

....Ferm Living's new SS11 collection. Gorgeous. Especially the knitted pot holders, another project perhaps?


A Vintage Australia Day

Now this may be a bit of a boring geeky post for some, but breath deep and i know you'll be ok. Turns out Australia Day is a BIG event in Sydney and every year for the last umpteen years they turn the CBD into a vintage car show, i know a little bit yawn perhaps, but i have to say it was amazing. There were literally 1000's of them. I'm probably not your typical car enthusiast, not interested in the engines and mechanics but more the sexy shapes (safe to say i swayed towards the cars from the 50's) and gorgeous paint jobs. I refrained from taking photo's until i spotted these babies in some of my favourite colours.

And then, flippin' eck, were the vintage caravans. I have a slight obsession with caravans and am always bugging the other half about buying one, staying in one or travelling around anywhere in one! Is that a bit sad? I think it goes back to my nan and grandad's caravan.We were only aloud to go in their caravan (parked neatly on the drive) on VERY special occasions, then grandad would make us a cup of tea and let us have it in said caravan, but only if we were VERY CAREFUL  mind. Any spillages then woah, you were out of there sonny jim. Safe to say it was and still is his pride and joy.

I love the picnic set in this one and how everything has its own special place. I wish i'd taken a shot of the sleeping quarters, so tiny you couldn't even sit up in bed, but hey what the hell you're prepared for an impromptu picnic at any moment.

And how weird is this, a London Routemaster in the middle of Sydney!! It was part of a fleet of vintage buses that were taking passengers around the city, for free, and dropping them at all the different music stages and events going on.

To finish the day we did some grooving to some of Australia's hip new bands down at The Rocks, the Hungry Kids of Hungary were amongst my favs. And what a view.


Flea Market Finds

Just a quick one to share a few of the things i picked up over the weekend, a lot with upcoming shoots in mind, so not just for me, promise. It's Australia day here so we are off to find some Aussies and celebrate, hurray!


Weekend away...

After a lovely weekend away in the Southern Highlands, it's back to work here in Sydney. But we had a lovely time and spent the two days rummaging around antique shops and flea markets, plus a bit of culture and some scenery to keep the other half happy. We managed to catch the monthly farmer and flea market in Moss Vale and with the sun shining it was a gorgeous way to spend Saturday morning.

A little drive further on was the village of Berrima, a picture postcard town that was one of the early settlers outposts. Check out ye olde signage!

Loads of antique shops to potter around but this was the most spectacular, it simply went on for ever and ever with shelves stocked high with ribbons, cotton reels, buttons, fabrics, linens, teacups you name it, it had it!

Safe to say i could have spent a whole day here, it really reminded me of my time working in a prop house way back when, where you could get lost amongst the endless shelves and racks of linen, curtains, bedding and fabric (i worked in a textiles one). To be honest it was a little overwhelming but i did manage to find a few things to take home!


Hurrah the weekend

Yeah, the weekend is here! We're off on a little country jaunt to The Southern Highlands, a couple of hours south of Sydney. I'm ready for a change of scenery, beach and sun gets a bit boring after i while. I'M KIDDING!!! Hoping the sun shines up there in the highlands too. Looking forward to some good food, good wine and a proper rummage in a few antique shops, heaven!
Discovered Bianca Gomez's work i can't remember where but you can buy her prints here. I love her bicycle and cities prints and they are such a good price, less than fifty squid for the set, bargain.

Tales of knitting and cacti

Ok so a frantic bout of knitting has started, hence the absence for a few days. I'm trying to re-create this, although you can't get hold of the yarn here in Oz (well i could order off' 'tinternet but i'm far too impatient for that) a lovely lady in the knitting shop suggested i double up some nice thick yarn and knit with some whopping great big needles to get the chunky look. I must say it's working a treat. The pattern promised a 26"x56" lap blanket but mine is looking a tad small on the width front, something the husband likes to point out....perhaps i could make two and stitch them together he suggests, oh hum.
On another completely random note  i have also become rather obsessed with succulents and cacti and love what Yukka and Stamp are doing with some old camera's and these prickly plants...

I Love..... new cushion! It's from Maya Muse, the nice lady i bought a cushion from at the finders keepers market, she kindly let me swap it for this one (she's at Paddington Markets on Saturday's). It has inspired me to attempt a stint of knitting and first on the list is a throw for the sofa, the cushion needs some company i feel.

ps. Apologies to anyone who couldn't see pictures on my last blog post, techno difficulties, now hopefully resolved. Has got me thinking i should probably upgrade myself to a 'proper' blog, wordpress perhaps? Something to think about.


More books


Following on from yesterdays bookish post i have more, this time a beautiful hand drawn illustration from Charlotte Mann available as a limited edition print from here. Charlotte is famous for her scale drawings in black marker pen onto any white surface including walls. I do love her work, weirdly i pulled out this feature from Elle Deco when i was going through my hundreds of mags before we moved. I had the notion to post about her at some point in the future, i then rediscovered her today through the V+A Shop. Happy days.


Never judge a book by it's cover

Something i always do i'm afraid! I'm a sucker for a gorgeous book sleeve and love browsing book shops both for a good read and good design. But today is my sisters birthday, happy birthday sis, and she is the biggest bookworm i know, ploughing through two a day sometimes! Anyway it got me to thinking about books and how many lovely ones there are gracing book shelves everywhere. Here are a few of my favourites

Penguin Classics is always a winner for gorgeous covers and designs, always my first port of call. These cloth covered classics are so lovely and as well as online can be found at purveyors of all things beautiful Anthropologie.

These covers have each been designed by a different artist for RED, 50% of profits go to the charity, you can see how it works

These whimsical illustrations grace the English Journey series exploring the British coutryside, it's churches and castles and much more, they are just so darn pretty.

This is a fantastic book that actually i own, unfortunately it's packed in a box back in the UK, but if you're into illustration and design with a folksy feel then this is must. It's such a shame i can't share some of the contents here so i urge you to go see for yourself!

Last but not least, an old favourite of mine,
Debbie Powell, has designed some speculative book covers for her favourite authors, i think they should be put into print myself!

My new workspace

My new workspace is finished...well to a point! I'm sure over the next few months things will be added and taken away as it evolves. But first here is a sneaky peak of the rather terrible before picture, as you can see i managed to source a trestle table, from here, and my stuff is collecting in a rather attractive pile around it!!

Now i have a rather clean and organised space with a bit of colour to bring it alive. The chair i upcycled ties the whole scheme together.

But as you can see, i have already got a few 'piles' of stuff collecting around said desk, my poor husband despairs!

But i'm pretty pleased with the result and it's very nice to have a window to look out of, even if the view is just of our balcony wall, i'm trying to liven it up with some nice cactus and succulant plants. Please note that i would never paint an outside wall in 'baby vomit' colour, yuk!

Finally, here are few little details from my lovely new pegboard noticeboard, a little display using my street found frame i painted and also a cute idea to customise boring white ikea box files. A little bit of Japenese masking tape and a cute stamp, voila! Let me know what you think?


Sydney Festival

How was the weekend people? We did a spot of DIY which i'll share later in the week, a trip to a museum and also a bit of grooving at the opening night of the Sydney Festival which is happening all over the city for the next month. I've been seeing the posters and branding popping up around Sydney since we arrived a few months back and fell in love with the illustrations, after a bit of research i found the lady behind these was Marcela Restrepo, a very talented Illustrator i think you'll agree.

I love the font they've chosen to go with the illustrations to create that vital 'branding' but equally i love Marcela's illustrations as images in their own right. Luckily she sells limited runs of her work here so we may be able to take a little bit of a Sydney view home with us!

You can view her work in situ on her blog here.


Chair makeover {after}

Here it is, my little DIY project that i have been working on this week. It all started with a bit of fabric, i went down to gorgeous fabric store Cloth and had a rummage through their remnants box. I found a piece i liked and that would also be big enough to cover my seat pad. Next step was to choose a colour for the frame, i also picked out a couple of contrasting colours for my new notice board and an old picture frame {another street find!}. I'm well chuffed with the results, it's quite a pretty chair now....

What do you think? I need to get the husband to help me put up the notice board over the weekend and then i'll be able to share with you my brand new workspace, hurrah! Have a great weekend folks x


Chair makeover {before}

Just popped back to bring you a before picture of the chair makeover i'm doing for my workspace. I had actually found a perfectly suitable chair weeks ago in a junk shop, a nice little 'ercolesque' number but alas with the parking meter ticking and no-one around for me to pay i had to abandan ship. As i was in the area in the next few days i though i'd pop back and buy it then. Alas i did go back and it was gone (my poor mum is sick of hearing about this ruddy chair!). So the hunt has been ongoing for a while, anyway things were getting desperate so i grabbed this, eh hem, beauty which was cheap as chips and pretty comfy but in desperate need of a bit of 'upcycling' (this is the buzz word in interiors at the mo, don't cha know).

The lighting actually makes it look even more dingy and shabby, but come back later and i promise it will be much improved!


One persons junk is anothers treasure....

The chair makeover is still continuing here so more of that later in the week. For now i thought i'd share a few of my 'street' finds. Here in Sydney people tend to put out any unwanted stuff on a sunday for collection on a monday morning, perfect time for people like you and me to have a rummage. So far we have managed to find table and chairs for the balcony, a little side table for the TV and my most favourite recent finds are below.......

Whilst on the hunt for an office chair i wondered past a book shop with a huge box of old music free to a good home, i grabbed myself a stack pronto!

On the way home from the beach one day i spotted this, a huge basket of cottons reels and threads in every colour imaginable that someone was throwing out!!! I couldn't believe my luck as I've just purchased myself a very old (but fully working) sewing machine from ebay that you can just see creeping into shot. It did take me at least an hour or so to clean all the dust of each reel, but i'm well chuffed with this find!
Ooh i do love a good forage and coming up with a gem, when we  moved into our first flat in London we discovered two lovely original Ercol chairs being thrown out a few doors down, needless to say i had those in an instant! How about you, what are your best 'throw away' finds?

Happy New Year!

A new year, here again......they come around so quick these days. All i seem to have done for the last couple of weeks is eat, eat and eat more. It's time to get back on track so today i've been on the hunt for a chair to finish off my work area and i'll share with you the makeover it desperately needs in the next few days. For now i'd like to share this gorgeous calender from Satsuma, if my lovely man hadn't got me one for christmas i would have treated myself to this for sure.


Last Christmas......., i promise! How was yours? We spent a lovely morning on the beach followed by a Christmas buffet with our new adopted Aussie Family. We kept it small with gifts this year but my lovely hubbie treated me to some cute stationary (he has been dragged around many a stationary shop in his time) from Kikki K. A lovely new diary and wall calendar that you can customise yourself with pictures and drawings. He also managed to pop into one of my new favourite shops here in Sydney, High Tea With Mrs Woo and came out with some sweet post it notes, which we had fun with making our own post-it christmas tree!! 

I didn't want to use all the post-it notes though so the scale is a little small.......

......He he!!!


Merry Christmas

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, wherever you may be x x

Styling by me, photography Heather Lewin.


Christmas Wrapping

It wasn't until i started wrapping my presents today that i really felt Christmas had arrived. It has to be one of my favourite parts of the festive season, normally i would choose a few different papers and ribbons and hand craft some tags to create my Christmas 'theme' for the year. This year though we decided to keep it small so i just had a few little pressies for the other half to wrap. Once i started, i really got into it and had fun, sometimes just working with what you have creates the best results. This year, all i had to hand was some brown paper, Japanese masking tape and some bakers twine, oh and i found a use for my Bespoke Letterpress tags, simple but cute me thinks.

More wallpapers.....

Amazing how busy the week leading up to Christmas can be, even if you're not hosting it!! I should really be sharing what i've been up to round the flat and all things festive but that can wait as my eye has been caught by yet more wallpapers, once again inspired by the 50's. This time a collection designed by Mini Moderns to coincide with the 60th Anniversary of The festival of Britain. Take a gander....


Christmas Craft

 So this weekend i finally got round to a little project i had in mind when  i bought some doily's a couple of weeks ago. I've seen this idea used in a shop window but in a slightly different way so i adapted it a bit and thought it would be a nice one to try at home plus it's fairly cheap and easy! We have these big white walls to fill in the apartment so it's nice that they take up a quite a bit of the space.

Grab yourself some different sized embroidery hoops, pretty doily's, (the more 'snowflakey' the design the better) and festive ribbon. Just fix the doily's in the hoop and trim off any excess, tie and hang with your pretty ribbons and hey presto, some instant festive decorations. You could even try backing some of them with a red fabric to make the design's really stand out and give it more of a festive feel. Plus I think they could look even better hung at a window with some pretty fairy lights twinkling in the background....


Lovely new wallpapers {by Little Greene}

Hurrah, my Christmas break has begun and i hope to be able to get all the things on my to do list done in the next week or so. First on the list is to make my apartment a little more homely, if i wasn't renting i might consider using some of these gorgeous new wallpapers by The Little Green Paint Company. They are part of the new Lines collection to be launched in the new year, 50's inspired so big gold star from moi!

These are just a few designs from the new collection, as always i'm drawn to those gorgeous corals, blues and mustard colourways. Which are your favourites?


Workspace Ideas

It's only Wednesday and it really feels like it should be Friday, oh dear! Just one more shoot this week and then I'm finished for the Christmas period which is great as i really want to get the apartment looking a bit more like home. At the moment it's a big white box with a couple of bits of furniture and I'm certainly not loving the look. Top of the list is getting myself a workspace organised as working from the sofa or on the floor is not great, so i've been going through my tear sheets and have pulled out some inspiration.

Images from top, Whole Lotta Lovely, Red Online, Abigail Edwards, House to Home, Real Simple and Living etc.

I think i'm going to have to hunt down a trestle table and i love the idea of a peg board notice board.....hmm this will keep me busy!


A few hours a wondering

Prepping for a shoot can sometimes mean a lot of time sat at the computer, writing emails, searching for products and finalising details but nothing beats getting out and about to do a bit if 'propping'. After a full day yesterday making calls, writing emails, looking at swatches and finalising sketches i was going a little 'stir crazy' as they say. Today called for an outing and some general wondering, all in the name of research of course.
So it's always great when you do stumble across a couple of things you've not seen before - i stumbled upon purely by chance the freshly opened
The Mix. A riot of colour and fun, plus my eager eyes spotted some very familiar tea towels in the window so couldn't resist a peak.

A company in the UK called New House Textiles also stocks a lot of the tea towels hanging in the window, but better than that once inside a spotted some more tea towels (surely you can never have too many?) by one of my favs Skinny La Minx. Hurrah i've been considering purchasing one for a while so now i can save on the shipping! 
Another riot of colour, Sydney is sure full of it, was pop up shop Terrace. Opened by the owners of Terrace Outdoor Living it was full to the brim of gorgeous outdoor furniture and accessories. Take a peek, i'd love a pair of those hot pink chairs for the balcony....


Market finds

A little later than promised, shoot prep getting in the way, here are a few of my market finds from the weekend. I paid a visit to the Finders Keepers Market which was full of gorgeous stalls by indie designers from all over Australia. I couldn't resist buying a few bits, the sweet liberty print necklace was from Alfafa, who also had some gorgeous embroidered tablecloths and doily's. The initial gift tags are from Bespoke Letterpress, not sure what use they have yet but i couldn't resist! The gorgeous cushion is a Maya Muse design, hand screenprinted on beautiful linen. Unfortunately it didn't quite fit with the new sofa so i may pop to Paddo markets at the weekend and swap for another colour, or i could just keep it..... Finally the sweet doilys were from a local vintage market. I do have plans for them in some kind of Christmassy deocr thang, hope to get aound to that over the weekend.

Plants and Places {Angie Lewin}

Now i must be a bit behind the times, as this gorgeous looking book by Angie Lewin has been out since November but it's certainly going to be on my Christmas list this year. As you know i'm a big fan of her work and love any excuse to share it with you.

Here are a few sneaky peeks as to what's inside....

Lovely stuff, now the weekend was spent mostly enjoying the sun after so much rain here in Sydney, but i did make it to a couple of markets so i'll share my purchases with you all tomorrow.


Living Room {Pop Up Shop}

I'm trying to get into everything Australian whilst i'm here and in terms of design there is certainly plenty to choose from. I popped over to Daily Imprint and discovered that there was a pop up shop just around the corner from the flat so i took a wander down. I found a cute little shop featuring work from Australian designer/makers. I particularly like the minimalist yet pleasingly tactile peices from Attia along with the fun and quirky paper goods from The Lowercase. Check out the 'punch and pose' moustache kit. Favourites have to be the hand printed textiles by Puddin' Head, everyone loves a tea towel, how nice is the Victorian lady design? I took a  few snaps but you should definitely check out the online shops as well.


Gan Rugs

Once again the weather has turned here in Sydney (i'm becoming nearly as obsessed with the weather as the other half), last week the temperature was a rising and this week it has dropped considerably and basically rained since sunday. Oh hum, summer has vanished but it's ok as i can think cosy thoughts with these gorgeous Mangas rugs from GAN. The mother pointed me in their direction and as always shows impeccable taste. It comes as no suprise that they are designed by design hero Patricia Urquiola, looks like the trend for all things 'knitted' is still around, how much do you want to rub your feet and roll around on these??

The Original Pop Up Christmas Shop

So some of you may know last year my lovely mother and i turned her cute ice-cream parlour/sweet shop into a pop up Christmas shop, and despite the fact that i've upped and abandoned her for Oz, it will be opening again  tomorrow, yippeee!!!

We decided to make use of the space rather than let it sit closed over the winter, so we filled it with gorgeous Christmas treats, locally grown Christmas trees, festive wreaths, pretty baubles and lots of loveliness and so The Original Pop Up Christmas Shop was born. It was a great success and so much fun to do, i'm really going to miss pottering around, 'playing shop' again this year!

Anyway we had some beautiful pictures taken by the lovely Max Attenborough, so i can stare at these and try and get myself into the Christmas spirit, though it's kind of hard when Christmas over here means BBQ's and people in Santa hats wearing shorts!

The shop will be open from tomorrow the 27th November right up until Christmas, go on treat yourself to a lovely new bauble, an eco christmas tree (a huge percentage of xmas trees bought in UK are shipped from Europe, locally grown travel much less, half an hour to be precise!) or a beautifully hand decorated wreath. Find it at the Riverside Parlour, Tolney Lane, Newark, click here for a map!

Have a great weekend peeps!


Inspiration {A Creative Mint}

So flat is found, furniture is being sourced (although somewhat slowly) and my first shoot here in Oz is booked in for Tuesday, so busy week! Having been off for several weeks it was good to get back into the swing of things but i found i needed to get the creative juices flowing so first stop is A Creative Mint. Always find some gorgeous images and colours palettes to inspire and this time was no different, here are a few that i pulled out, see what you think.

I'm think my favourite is the monochrome with hits of neon pink, although i am pretty obsessed with all things coral and have numerous coral items in my possession, dresses, shoes, nail polish......there are just too many colours to choose from!!


A Home a Last

Yes its true, we have finally found an apartment to call home, hurrah! After nearly 3 weeks searching we finally pinned one down earlier this week in a very lovely area of Sydney called Paddington. After viewing said apartment at the weekend we took a wonder and stumbled upon the  renovated Paddington Reservoir, a little oasis in the city (in my opinion anyhow!). Don't you think this would be a great place for a shoot? Gorgeous fabrics draped from the arches or uber slick outdoor furniture? hmmmm.......anyway take a look, at the very least it's a lovely spot to eat your sarnie after a hard days shopping, erm propping.

Pictures by moi x

Beautiful Birds {tweet tweet}

Ever since arriving in Sydney one huge difference from the UK you immediately notice is the flora and fauna and the birds. It's taking quite a while to get used to the strange squawks, calls, chirps and tweets from these fella's at sunrise but they are quite a spectacle to look at. After a lovely walk around Cockle bay and The Rocks last week we managed to snap one of the hundreds of parrots that occupy this city, and isn't he a beauty. I think Parrots are pretty common over here but it doesn't stop me being amazed by the colours and just the site of them!

But it does get me thinking about English birds, perhaps not quite so visually demanding but certainly beautiful and so pleasing to watch....





All of these gorgeous birds are part of a collection by Abigail Brown, beautiful handmade sculptures using new and recycled fabrics. There are so many beautiful ones i couldn't fit them all in one post, you just have to take a look for yourself! They are available to order from both her shop and The Shop Floor Project, an online store i always come back to time and again for it's quirky pieces both for fashion and interiors, it's part of a bigger exhibition called The Menagerie. Take a scroll through the site, it's just like wondering through a giant country house or museum, fabulous!


Portfolio Update {Part Two}

Another fine day here in Sydney so before we head to the beach i thought i would share the second part of my portfolio update. Photographs by Jon Day. Love to know your thoughts......


Donna Wilson

With the days getting hotter here in Sydney it seems strange to be looking at Autumn/Winter products but i can never resist a bit of knitting and Donna Wilson is the queen of all things Knit 'n' Purl. I love her new collection, out in the UK now, her signature quirky style always tickles me and is just really, really fun.

Cosy cushions in yummy colours......

Love this foxy scarf.....

As a big lover of all things mog, i couldn't resist this ginger fella, check out his friends here.

How cosy does this 'Up The Garden Path' cashmere throw look and in real life it's huge!!!

Last but not least i had to feature this gorgeous Beehive teatowel, perfect gift for any domestic goddess!



Portfolio Update {Part One}

No joy with the apartment hunt yet but we have spent a gorgeous day at Palm Beach today on Marie from Whole Lotta Lovely's recommendation. Lunch at a lovely cafe and then a stroll along the pretty (but rather windy) beach.
But today i want to share some work that i posted in my portfolio just before we left for Oz. It was shot in a very English beach hut, inspired by the idea of a writers retreat. Lovely lady Heather Lewin was the photographer, take a peek and let me know what you think?


On the hunt and {Papermash}

So, we're on the hunt for an apartment at the moment, a bit different to the UK as they do group viewings here and it can get pretty competitive if it's a good one, elbows at the ready!!!

Not had much luck with that and the weather has been pretty awful the last few days so im trying to stay cheery.  I have to say Lynne over at Tea for Joy and owner of {Papermash} has helped by sending me a little newsletter with her latest offerings from Rifle Paper Co. Love the folksy feel and i'm aways a sucker for stationary so it's a winner on all counts!

I also featured some of the ever so stylish and crazy popular Japanese masking tapes in this years Marie Claire christmas gift guide, which must be out about now i think?

Is it wrong to start thinking about Christmas? Nah, surely not, i love this cute snowflake card as well which makes me think how weird Christmas will be in the sun this year......


Sammual Sparrow

Just before the wedding a very sweet email dropped in my inbox from Sammual Sparrow and i've only just had chance to sit down and share the love. Now this is the kind of thing that makes a stylist smile, first off i love the simple graphics and pared down loveliness of his website/shop/blog. Secondly his online shop looks to be selling gorgeous Toast inspired wares....take a look....

Then i go and discover beautiful scented candles with cosy names such as 'Campfire' and 'Drawing Room' with packaging designed by Debbie Powell, a lady i've mentioned before on this blog, who's work i absolutely love.

The moodboard Sammual has put together for the collection is right up my street, muted hues and quirky inspiration.

He also takes a lovely photograph! If only every summers day at the beach was like this.....

Last but not least, the man himself (well his feet and erm midriff!!). The shop doesn't appear to be fully up and running just yet but i know you can pre order lots of items, such as the candles...great for Christmas pressies. Just lovely.


Hello Sydney!

We made it! After a gorgeous honeymoon in Bali (3 weeks no less) we hit Australian soil 6 days ago. We've been busy acclimatising, meeting friends, walking around and generally soaking it all up. The laptop only arrived a couple of days ago so i've been busy catching up on emails, and have finally got round to the small matter or blogging!

We've been staying with some friends and today we all took a trip to Bondi Beach where they have the annual Sculpture by The Sea. We took a gorgeous walk along the coastline, with most of Sydney i think, and took in some weird and wonderful a bit of culture on a Sunday.


Here comes the sun.....

Busy, busy weekend that has flown by....finishing up the final packing (we're moving today!) and a big leaving party on saturday night for all our friends. I'm rubbish at goodbyes and there are a lot of them at the moment, friends, family, work colleagues and i'm feeling pretty sad about saying goodbye to the flat. We've been here almost 5 years now and have lots of happy memories, i'll miss this view everyday too.


But we're off to sunnier climes and new adventures so i can't complain! I'm really looking forward to discovering a new city, spending time with my new husband and working for some of the gorgeous and inspiring Aussie magazines.

So we'll catch up in Sydney at the end of October peeps!


Wedding crafts

Hello again, some more wedding crafts for you today. Now i spent a lot of time planning my tables and how they would look, i was desperate to have long tables which was a battle in itself as Italians only do round!!! But i managed to persuade them and started to think about how to dress them. I knew i wanted lots of jam jars filled with beautiful blooms but wanted to add a bit of colour, so i set about coating the insides of some jars and bottles i'd collected with oil based paint, instructions here.

This is the moodboard of colours i picked out for the jars, along with the fabrics for my table runners and also a place name idea.

Slightly rubbish shot of the jars i took with my mobile (camera broke!). But you get an idea of the colours working together. I mixed these in with lots of clear jars of different sizes and shapes and the effect worked really well. 

Next i worked on the place name settings and continued with the travel theme having found some great stamps at a craft shop. I stamped lots of luggage tags with the different designs and then typed each guests name along the bottom with a typewriter. 

Finally i had a little idea for our confetti, i had just done a christmas shoot for Ideal Home and had used loads of beautiful flower arrangements from The Real Flower Company, i thought it would be great to re-use the petals for our confetti. Much to Tim's delight i covered every surface in our flat with towels and the petals in order to let them dry out!! 

With the help of Tim and the mother in law we cut squares out of glassine paper with pinking shears and then Tim very carefully stamped our names on each pouch, fill with dried rose petals, tie with ribbon and voila!
One for each guest, and here they are in use!!


Wedding Fever

Huge apologies for the absence of late, it reached wedding fever pitch at the beginning of September. Working at the Ideal Home office, juggling a couple of freelance projects and putting the finishing touches to the wedding basically left no time for blogging! 

But it's done, i'm now officially Mrs Frost, although i'm thinking for work purposes it's a lot of hassle to change everything so will stay Rastall professionally.
Now the big move to Sydney looms, back for one week from Italy and it's all systems go as we frantically pack up the flat, decide what to take (do i really need vintage rolls of ribbon and balls of string?!) and generally getting very excited!
Anyway as i was so busy before the wedding and what with a broken camera it meant i never got round to posting pictures of the invites, table plans, name tags etc. so it may become of bit of a wedding blog for the next few days while i post some of these, starting with the invites......

Tim's brother designed them, and i have to say i was probably a bit of a tricky customer. I was obsessed with the idea of a postcard RSVP and something with a bit of a retro 50s'60s feel, but also with a nice vintage twist and he came up with the idea of all the elements being postcards (so big tick). He then took some really rather ordinary pictures and played around with them to give them a retro/vintage look. Don't they look cool? My favourite is the Fiat 500 plus i love the stamps and aged feel he managed to give them.

So we wrapped them up in some glassine paper and tied with string - so our guests had a nice little package to unwrap!

More to come over the weekend......x x


Introducing Debbie Powell

Good morning, it's looking brighter out there today so it seems apt to share someones work that makes me smile. I've loved Debbie Powell's illustrations and designs for a long time now and with work for companies like JME and Marks and Spencers she's really taking off. Here are a few of my favourite's......

Goodbye rainclouds, i'm off!!

Oopps, not done a post for a while, things here are hitting that crazy point. With less than five weeks to go before the wedding i have a lots of little details to finish off, like hand printing my name cards, making my table plan and having rows with Italian florists about the cost of a bouquet! I was hoping to capture the making of all these things along with our cute invites but alas the camera has given up the ghost so that will have to wait until a new one is purchased.....
 We've also been busy making our plans for after the wedding and although they have been in the pipeline for a while now it seems fitting to talk about our move to sunnier climes as the rainclouds are out in force today in London town. The big move to sunny Australia happens in less than 7 weeks and rather excitingly will be preceeded by a trip to Bali and then followed by a stint of travelling through South America. So we will be gone for near 18 monthes, so ta ra rainclouds!!
As a fitting tribute to the English summer i thought these would be good {plus it works with my little clouds obsession i have going on right now}.

These cute little numbers can be found here.

This one may be for kids but i still want it! Find it at Robin and Moulds etsy shop.

And the very talented Heather Moore at Skinny La Minx created this out of a paint swatch card, so clever!

Best of British

I'm really loving all these little mail order companies that are popping up all over the place at the moment but particulaly the ones that specialise in British made products. We have such an abbundance of talent and craftsmenship on this little island that we should celebrate it at every opportunity.

A lovely postcard dropped into the office a week or so ago from Bottle Green Homes and a quick look at the website sees lots of lovely British made things and some vintage peices too, my particular favourites are the vintage jelly moulds. I seem to have a strange obsession with them and use them all over the flat for storage of pencils, jewellery plus the little ones make sweet candle holders. 

A couple of my other favourite Britsh Made shops are Lasso the Moon and Frank, a sweet looking shop in Whitstable which is on my wish list to vist very soon.


McGrory House Shoot

Another week coming to a close and with all the talk of christmas around the office it was nice to be sent on a little house shoot that was as far from christmas as you can get. It was Manda McGrory's house up in Leeds and it was full to the brim with gorgeous things. She was an absolute star and despite being a wee bit poorly managed to put up with the disruption a shoot inevitably causes. Manda has posted a couple of behind the scenes pics on her blog Tree Fall Design of me (sat down!) and the photographer Holly hard (ehem) at work!

Manda also introduced me to lots of lovely designers including Skinny Laminx whose retro inspired prints are right up my street.

I also discovered so many lovely prints and pictures around the house but one artist i really liked was Dee Beale who's work you can find here.


Blackboard Love

Now back when i was at school we had blackboards, i hear now days there are such things as whiteboards(?) and even more techno things that i have no clue about. So when i spotted the new homeware images at the Anthropologie website i rejoiced at the use of the humble blackboard. Well, a lot of blackboard paint and some chalk but look what you can do!

It reminds me of a shoot by a lovely photographer i've worked with, Jon Day and the even lovelier stylist Alice King, they created these gorgeous images...kind of similar feel....i like it.

Lucienne Day

Ohh i feel bad, real bad as i've not been keeping up with my posts and have still yet to post the things i've promised to!
Apologies as the last week or so has flown by with lots of work, wedding and more's the same story i'm afraid. I have been to some rather delicous press shows though last week and would love to share some with you. One of my favourites was Heals as they have just launched another Heals rediscoveres range with upholstery by one of my favourite textile designers, Lucienne Day. As a little press gift they gave us a pack of postcards of some of her infamous designs, gorgeous!

Lisa Stickley Book Launch

Now i was very excited about this little book launch last night as it was one of my favourite designer's Lisa Stickly's new book Made at Home. Chock full of really lovely stylish yet simple sewing projects it's got me very inspired! It's also full of Lisa's quirky illustrations and gorgeous photoraph by Ben Anders. I got to meet the lovely Lisa herself who was very busy signing copies of the book in her lovely little shop/studio in Clapham, with bubbly and cake being handed round it was a very pleasant evening!

I'll settle down and have a good read and promise to share with you some of the projects i find next week...

In the meantime i'm packing up my Mrs Marshall weekend bag, another lovely christmas pressie, for a spot of camping this weekend, pray for sunshine!!!

Rob Ryan

Walking to work today i was accosted by one of those guys that hand out the numerous free magazines and papers you get in London. I don't normally take them unless i'm travelling on public transport but today i had to grab this copy as i spied an unmistakable Rob Ryan illustration/cut work on the front cover of Stylist, beeeaauuuttiifffuuull!! 

Anyway this reminded me of the Pick Me Up exhibition i visited in April earlier this year. It was a great one to see not only because it showcased lots of new contemporary graphic artists but also because Rob Ryan had decamped his east london studio there for the duration, very cool. Here are a few sneaky pictures taken with the old iphone, so a little fuzzy round the edges but you get the idea.

Amazing isn't it!! I do love Rob Ryan's work and was lucky enough to receive one of his quirky tiles for christmas from the fella but i am really coverting one of his papercuts, perhaps one could find it's way onto the wedding list.......


Roost Living

I've been meaning to write a little post about this lovely mail order company since their new catalogue dropped on my doormat a few weeks ago.

Roost Living sell the wares of some fantastic award winning designers and here are just a few of my favourites.....

Wobbly Bowls

Wobbly bowls by Mizuyo Yamashita, so pretty and delicate

Bloom Rug

Bloom rug by Selina Rose, love the fact that it's felted wool and i really want a pair of brogues...

London Scenic Cushion

London scenic cushion by Charlie Mullen, purely because my little flat is right next to Tower Bridge and i get to look at this view everyday on my way to work! In fact i promise to post a picture of that view soon as it's so pretty in the mornings whilst the sun is shining.....

I have lots more to share over the next few weeks as we're approaching press show time once again so i'll be out and about a fair bit checking out new products and trends, but there is one i'm really excited about on thursday so check back later in the week and i'll share what i discover.


Angie Lewin

Another week flown by and another begun. Apologies for the dry spell in posts but having just started a new job, celebrated a birthday and started the long process of carefully addressing the wedding invites i've just not found the time. Excuses excuses i hear you cry!

Today has been beautiful here in London, the kind of day where you can walk through the park and tune the old ipod to Laura Marling and blissfully let your thoughts wonder. Or if like me you were stuck in an air conditioned office you can but dream. Anyway, i digress, days like today are summed up pretty well by one of my favourite artists Angie Lewin. Her gorgeous linocuts, screenprints, wood engravings and lithographs remind me of home and the countryside. Combining beautiful colours and a little touch of 50's inspiration, yummy!
 Angie Lewin - Green Meadow
Angie Lewin - By Green Bank
Angie not only makes spring and summer look lovely but how gorgeous does winter look?
This work is called Winter Persephone and will be exhibited at The Royal Academy summer
exhibition from June until August.
Angie Lewin - Winter Persephone


Wedding Inspiration

I swear this will not turn into a wedding blog, but as promised i'm going to share a bit of my own wedding inspiration. The big day is a little over 3 months away and although the venue is booked, food organised and the dress bought there still seems to be an endless amount of little tasks still to be done. Luckily i'm gettting towards the bits that i love doing, like planning the flowers, the table design and we've just finished the invites with the help of Tims brother working his graphic design magic!

This is an image from 100 Layer Cake which a fab place to start looking for lots of vintage inspired weddings. I love the 50's colours and the old price cards as table numbers. I got tons of images from here for my wedding mood boards, yes you heard me right!
I'm definitely having lots of jam jars full of flowers and pretty.
And i love all these beautiful pastel colours. All images are from 100 Layer Cake.


Etoile Homeware


Just had a little email update from Etoile with some new 50's inspired prints, very sweetly named after the owner Shani's aunties, Dorothy and Betty!

Anyone that knows me knows i love anything with a 50's vibe. So i'm really coverting some of these cushions right know and oh how i wish i had an ercol love seat on which to arrange them.


Wedding Flowers

Phew, what a busy week that was!! The wedding went off without a hitch and the flowers went down well with the bride which was fantastic (and a bit of a relief, i have to say). I was so busy running around, making the bouquets, the buttonholes and the flowers for the reception that i didn't have chance to take many pictures but i did manage one of the brides bouquet, have a gander and see what you think?

This wedding signalled a 3 month countdown to my own nuptials which are happening in Italy in September, eeekkk!! I promise to post some of the inspiration for my own big day later in the week.
Meanwhile last week saw a trip to Brussels with a lovely stylist friend Abigail Edwards. I was helping her pull together a big interior design job which was a lot of graft but the results were fantastic, she is a very very talented lady! Think industrial style with a vintage twist, right up my street. A bit like these images from Baileys Home and Garden (who also do wedding lists, hmmm...........).

Cartshed 2    Threshing Barn


Lovely flowers!

As promised today's post is a little bit more feminine and pretty, so we can go a bit gushy over all the pretty flowers!

Now, way back when, in the deepest darkest winter i volunteered my floristry skills to a friend who was really struggling with her wedding flowers. She just couldn't find a florist on her wavelength and dreaded her bouquet arriving and looking like it belonged to a WAG.

I bravely stepped in, eh hem, and made a few suggestions, before i knew it i'd offered to do the lot, eeek!!
I found some gorgeous inspiration at Miss Pickering, beautiful vintage inspired flowers and as my bride is a big fan of purple, these hand ties are perfick!

spectacular floral arrangements

Anyway D-day has arrived and i have to say i've been having quite a lot of fun. The flower market this morning was buzzing at 6am and full to the brim with gorgeous blooms, so take a glimpse at what i brought home (excuse the slightly blurry photography, adds to the 'artyness' me thinks!)

Tune in next week to see the results, fingers crossed they live up to expectations!! 

spectacular floral arrangements


Clerkenwell Design Week

Phew! Busy couple of days, first a trip to Bexhill on Sea on monday, then to a friends on tuesday, back to London today and i popped in to Clerkenwell Design Week.

Only managed to stop at the Farmiloe building on St John's St where the festival has set up residency but with exhibitors such as Tom Dixon, SCP and The Design Museum there was plenty to look at.

Amongst my favourites were MARK a design and lifestyle company based in Cornwall who work with designers such as Kay and Stemmer. Love this net chair designed by Sam Johnson, yummy!
Tomorrow i'm moving away from all these clean lines and block colours and going a bit more girly with a little post about flowers, so stay tuned!


Moustache anyone?


Now, i don't know about you but i love these moustache mugs from Whippet Grey. The ol' tache seems to be a bit of a trend of late, especially if you browse some of the wedding blogs, guests love to use fauxs ones for their photographs, check out Once Wed for ideas. You could also take a trip to the Truman Brewery in East London on a sunday and you're sure to spot a few fine examples wondering about! 



After much deliberation i've decided to enter the world of blogging. I have to admit i was a bit of a cynic at first but since discovering this crazy world (and i swear it makes an afternoon disappear in the blink of the eye) i've been planning little blog posts in my head so thought well, why not? So have a gander and let me know your thoughts.

Today i want to share a company i discovered through Gretel.  Iacoli and Mcallister create simple, modern designs and combine them with colours to die for . The mini pedestals are made from vintage brass candlesticks, sandblasted and powder coated in colours that just ping, love them! Check out the peg board as well, perfect for the home office, kitchen, hallway, just about anywhere you fancy in fact.

Small Frame Lights

Small Frame Lights
Small Frame Lights


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